يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الصِّيَامُ كَمَا كُتِبَ عَلَى الَّذِينَ مِن قَبْلِكُمْ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَتَّقُونَ

O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you may learn self-restraint, – Quran 2:183

Based on astronomical calculation, The Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) has determined that Friday April 24, 2020 will be the first day of Ramadan 1441.

Eid ul-Fitr, the first day of Shawwal, is on Sunday, May 24, 2020

May Allah SWT accept from us during this very special month of Ramadan. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) wishes you and your families a very blessed and rewarding month, Insha Allah.

Fiqh Council Statement

Fiqh Council Advisory

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful , the Most Compassionate.

The Fiqh Council of North America reiterates:

  1. That masajids and Islamic centers shall strictly follow the health and state official guidelines for social gatherings and distancing. The Juma’, Jama’ah, Taraweeh and Eid al Fitr prayer shall be suspended until the ban on congregation is lifted. We hope and pray that Allah SWT brings relief sooner than later but we strongly encourage the Muslim community to follow the local and state instructions to avert possibilities of COVID -19’s transmission. Our acts of devotions include ablution (Wudu), prostration (Sujud) and touching of surface with multiple organs. These acts particularly expose us to wider transmission of this deadly virus. Changing carpet or disinfecting it on daily basis is costly and cumbersome. Therefore closure of masajid, suspension of Juma’, Jama’ah, Taraweeh and Eid al Fitr prayer remains the only viable option to safeguard the community from viral outbreak.
  2. That Taraweeh prayers shall be performed at home within a family setting just like the regular daily Jama’ah. The Taraweeh can be done by reciting shorter Surahs, repeating the same Surahs over and over again, holding the Qur’an in hand and reciting from it. It can be established individually and collectively. The Council does not encourage virtual Taraweeh or Eid al Fitr prayers. People can listen to the live or recorded Qur’anic recitation but are not allowed to follow a virtual Imam in Jama’ah. We know of some recent fatwas vis a vis virtual Juma’, Taraweeh and Eid al Fitr prayers but do not recommend that due to multiple Sharai’ reasons.
  3. That virtual lectures, reflections, reminders and recitations are encouraged.

May Allah SWT take this pandemic away from us, grant us relief and normalcy. Ameen.  

Witten by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah and approved by the Fiqh Council
on April 16, 2020
Fiqh Council Advisory

Salat Ul Eid Adha:

Sunday 11th August 2019.

7:15 AM (insah Allah)


Petesburg Muslim Center

2219 E. Washington Street,

Petersburg, VA 23803